Batman v Superman: Kids Movie April 01 2016, 0 Comments

We like to invest in our organisation every so often and this time we are pleased to announce that we really went for it this time and have spent £25 million on our first ever feature film.

The stars are none other than Little L and Little C and the soundtrack is all courtesy of Apple iMovie. 

The thing that pleases us most is that all the items of clothing are via - except for Little C's nappy.

Without further ado I now present the epic: Batman v Superman: Kids Movie in its full entirety! 


The location is Metropolis and Superman is flying about the place and all happy with it. Batman however is struggling with his faulty Batmobile automatic GPS homing remote control device.

These distractions are enough to give Lex Luthor, the greatest criminal mastermind of our time, a bit of leeway to hatch his most evil and cunning plan to date.

Meanwhile Bruce Wayne is tiring of playing the ageing Batman and pines for a more youthful experience in the guise of Spiderman whilst, all the while, Superman flies about solving people's problems and no problem.

Swathes of sadness lie ahead however as R2-D2, Captain America, Woody, The Minions and Iron-Man all come to terms with not being in this blockbuster smash hit. R2-D2 is so vexed it turns into The Incredible Hulk.

At this point Lex Luthor's most evil and cunning plan to date hatches and, playing on Batman's insecurities and Superman's evident sense of indestructibility, the greatest criminal mastermind of our time plays the two superheroes off each other in "The Big Fight!".

Batman downs Superman and has won! Or so he thinks. But Superman's invincibleness comes to the fore as does a blow straight to Batman's head. Batman rediscovers his sense of joie de vivre with a je ne sais quoi and comes straight back at his bête noire in a mélange with a tête-à-tête sending Superman falling onto his derrière whilst attacking the cameraman / director / Daddy on his way down.

Superman suffers a gelastic seizure (laughing fit) and flails once more attacking the cameraman / director / Daddy and then tries a last ditch attempt to defeat Batman only to be conclusively downed by Batman who then reveals himself to have been Spiderman.

All along.