Happy Mother's Day - Have a great time! March 30 2014, 0 Comments

To all the mother's and expectant mothers of you we would like to wish you the warmest Happy Mother's Day! This Mother's Day is of particular importance to us as this is our first Mother's Day with our new site! We are kind of seeing this site as a baby and watching it grow. (Is that too sad?)


Mother's Day is a great day of the year. It's a time in which, you can not only bond with your children but, you can bond also with your parents. My husband loves Mother's Day as it's when he can show off how great a husband he is, as well as being an amazing son - well so he tells me anyway :D


Don't forget we are having a great Mother's Day Sale on. There is up to 60% off selected items. Also, by purchasing anything in the shop (before end of Mother's Day GMT), you will automatically be entered into our £50 Prize Draw Giveaway! If that isn't something to celebrate then I don't know what is.


So go ahead mums: Put your feet up and crack open the biscuits/Ryvita/wine. It's your day! Have a great one.