Congratulations to all London Marathon Runners - especially the pregnant ones!

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Congratulations to everyone who took part in the London Marathon today. We have the greatest respect for all participants. We are particularly amazed at the people who all took part whilst pregnant! Hats off to you all! 

Naomi Chanell a TV producer from Essex took part last year and announced to her friends that she was 3 months pregnant!  


 decided to give it a miss being 4 months pregnant. Perhaps next year Chloé if you are not up to your elbows in nappies! LOL.

In 2012  ran for The Samaritans whilst 25 weeks pregnant. Really well done to you!

 Here's a really cool video about Kim's 2012 marathon:


Were you in the marathon today? Were you pregnant? Is that the reason you didn't do the marathon? Were you just eating Marathons? Don't blame you! Hehe!

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