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Today I was chatting to my best friend (thanks to What's App we don't physically chat much any more although we are in contact one way or another everyday). Anyway, I was voicing to her a thought that I had on my way to yoga last night. I am so grateful that I have a partner that constantly encourages me to take time for myself.  And he completely understands the importance of it. 

Every Thursday evening I'm tired and really can't be bothered going out.  Yoga is the last thing on my mind.  I can only think about the lists that are forever extending in my head.  I will always begrudgingly get changed after dinner, but am also trying to quickly tidy up.  I rush around trying to get as much organised as possible as Friday mornings are crazy busy in this household.  I will eventually grab my mat and water and get in the car.  I turn the radio station over to "Get It On"  on BBC Radio Scotland (I love getting involved in the theme). And already I feel myself begin to relax.  I'm usually a wee bit early for yoga so I allow myself a moment or two to continue to listen to the radio and reply to another few enquiries or emails.  But when I go in to the hall it's just lovely.  My phone is on silent, and put away so it won't distract me when I get another message.  I have a weekly catch up with Gary and his lovely wife exchanging the week's events.  This is one of my few childfree conversations that I will have in a week. (I've only just realised that).  But I leave the class feeling lighter, less stiff, sometimes a little sore but always smiling.

My partner always encourages me to take time for myself whether it's going for a walk, a coffee, a bath.  Just something that allows me to feel like me again.  I suppose it's a case of "If I don't look after myself then how am I suppose to look after others".  I'm not saying that everyone should join up to their local yoga class.  But try and remember what you love.  It's can be the small things.  As mother's it can be easy to lose yourself.  But I encourage you to please take time for yourself.

And remember to drink plenty of water.



Maeve xx

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