Aye Aye Captain! Sailor Bib

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This bib is really cute. It makes your baby look like a Sailor. Which is pretty cool as well as ironic. Especially when you consider the amount of slabbers it will catch.

We also sell Slabber Cloths  aka Dribbler Ons. You can find these under the Accessories menu.


  • Double layered for great coverage and protection
  • With a easy to use back velcro closure
  • Material: Cotton front layer, waterproof middle layer and cotton flannel backside
Sizes (approx):
  • Total Length: 32cm
  • Length from bottom of neck hole to bottom of bib: 19cm*
  • Diameter (Width) of neck hole: 8.5cm
  • Bottom Width: 26 cm

Recommended age from 6 months to 3 years. We also have bibs suitable for new borns.

* This may be greatly reduced, depending on the amount of the baby's neckfolds.

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