Fine Dining, Sir? 007 Tuxedo Bib

£2.68 £12.99

"Is one in the mood for some fine dining tonight sir? Excellent! Right away sir!"

You know your position: Servant to the master. Oblige him with this splendid choice of bib and always forever be grateful of his ever-increasing demands. Be care though, for he is in actual fact 007!


  • Double layered for great coverage and protection
  • With a easy to use back velcro closure
  • Material: Cotton front layer, waterproof middle layer and cotton flannel backside
Sizes (approx):
  • Total Length: 32cm
  • Length from bottom of neck hole to bottom of bib: 19cm*
  • Diameter (Width) of neck hole: 8.5cm
  • Bottom Width: 26 cm

Recommended age from 6 months to 3 years. We also have bibs suitable for new borns.

* This may be greatly reduced, depending on the amount of the baby's neckfolds.

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