The MumMe Story

Hi! Welcome to MumMe and well done for discovering this hidden treasure!

My name is Lynn, the founder of MumMe - Stylish maternity and nursing wear for every mother.

I'm a London mother of two adorable, breastfed little boys aged 3 and under 1.

Growing up with my dressmaker grandmother, I was making dresses for my dolls before I could even write my own name. Fashion and apparel has always been my passion, despite having started my career in the financial services in one of London's giant skyscrapers.

I had attempted setting up a Haute Couture boutique in London's prestigious Knightsbridge back in 2008 but, before I knew it, the world sank into a great big recession... Well we won't go there.

I'd always been very picky about what I wear. However, after becoming pregnant with my first, I discovered that I simply could not afford to be picky anymore. There's ALWAYS a compromise. I had to either look boring or justify spending a fortune on an item that I could only use for a few months. The same reality hit again when I started breastfeeding. And again when I was pregnant with my second almost 3 years later.

Am I asking too much? I just want a piece of garment that's:

Wonderfully flattering during pregnancy
With discreet openings for breastfeeding and
SO stylish you'd want to wear it when neither pregnant nor nursing


That's why MumMe was born - somewhere you can find just THAT. 

I travelled the globe and sourced this great selection of dresses and tops, which will sure to keep you feeling beautiful. Most of them last from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond. None of them have the breathtaking price tags. As I'm currently working on more new and exciting styles with my creative and production teams. The collection grow quickly with new productions lined up almost every month from now! So watch this website. I promise it will only gets better.

In the meantime, please check out all of the MumMe products, or my blog for pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby tips, or my "OMG the world is ending" mummy stories. Have a laugh. Join a chat. And please come back again.


Warm regards,

Lynn & the three boys (one slightly older than the other two)